80+ Best Side Hustle Ideas for Beginners and Pro.

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80 + Best Side Hustle Ideas for Beginners and Pro that Make Up-to 10K per Month.

There are different side hustle ideas that you can start today and make something from them. I know how difficult it can be to go looking around for side hustle ideas. Well, this one doid does not go without a little sweating to ensure I bring to you the best ways to make an income. So grab a pen and paper, jot down as much as you can because this information is just as important as the links. Thanks for stopping buy and without further ado let’s get to the agenda of the day 🙂 

If by any chance you want to skip forward, the table of content will just do the magic for you 🙂

Table of Contents

1.Become a personal Trainer.

Personal trainers are fitness professionals who teach individuals to stay fit and make sure they stay accountable for their client’s exercise goals. They create customized workout goals such as to ensure their clients follow them and achieve them.  Becoming a Personal Trainer requires:

  • the ability to teach people how to do something
  • the ability to work on your own
  • physical skills like movement, coordination, dexterity and grace
  • knowledge of psychology like theories of motivation
  • knowledge of teaching and the ability to design a fitness programme
  • physical fitness and endurance
  • patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • to be able to carry out basic tasks on a computer or hand-held device

As a personal trainer, you can charge your clients anywhere from $25 to $50 per 30-minute session, $40 to $70 per hour session, and $60 to $100 per 90-minute session. Hiring a personal trainer to come to your home costs $60 to $100 or more hourly. Hence making this a perfect side hustle if you are fit. You can also do certificate courses to boost your credentials as a personal trainer.

3.Teach English Online.

If you are good with your English in school then you can teach English classes online. Sites such as VIP kids, Teaching English online does not necessarily require you to have a degree but a good command of English. This can be a good side hustle while at home. The following companies will hire you to teach English online from home as long as you have a good command of English YOU DONT NEED A FOUR YEAR DEGREE dah!


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4.Clean other peoples places.

Well, if you believe you are good with details and can easily notice a speck of dust from further this is a golden opportunity to put your skills into practice. With the rice of Millenial and people being busy you can give their homes a boost and in return get paid for it. Here is a list of things you’ll need to start your cleaning business.

  • Business name
  • Registration
  • Insurance-You don’t want to spray window cleaner on someone’s Tv Screen and not be able to pay for the damage. aha!
  • Cleaning products
  • cleaning equipment such as Vacuums, moppers, buckets, rugs etc. Yo, get this!

5. Rent Out your car

You can make money by renting out your car and making as much as $350 PLUS per week. This is a great opportunity to consider if you work in the city and commute instead of using your car. The following companies can hire your car:

  • TURO

Please consider to read all the fine prints before choosing to sign up up your car. Be keen to also do your research on the risks involved.

6. Take Dogs for walks

What better way to spend an afternoon if not with a furry friend. They are bubbly and are our favourite furry friends. The following apps will pay you to walk pups in the park and around the neighborhood.

  •  ROVER
  • WAG

7. Do food delivery

Deliver food in your  free time and cash in money by joining some of the best-paying food delivery companies such as

  • Uber eats
  • Doordash
  • Instacart
  • Menulog
  • Postmates
  • Favor
  • Just to mention a few.

8. Clean other peoples Cars

Car detailing is the activity of making sure that a vehicle is in its best condition in terms of cleanliness. This can be achieved by cleaning both the interior and exterior. Some equipment you will need to start a car detailing business are hose pipe and machine

9. Print and sell Tshirts.

Print on demand is another fast-growing lucrative business that you can start. You don’t need inventory to start. You choose a print on demand such as Printiful. Sign up and Join. You will then be asked to choose your shop name and set up your payment method.

10. Pick up Trash for Businesses

This is one of very few known lucrative jobs out there. Some of us associate trash picking as a very dirty job but in a real sense, it’s a well-paying side hustle. Take a look at the story of Brian Winch who has been picking up trash for businesses. This side hustle has earned him multiple six figures and he has now created Cleanlots to help people who want to start the same business model. You too can start the same by looking around for businesses that want to have their trash collected and offer these services to your local community. The other method is looking for rubbish collection tenders from your local government. Also volunteering to collect rubbish for free and selling for profit is another method!

11. Offer In Home Child Care Services.

If you are a new mum and  little ones at home looking  for more time to spend  with yourlittle ones, starting a at home day care coukd be a great opportunityfor you to earn money at the comfort of your home. Loving your children is  a natural motherly instict however watching them grow as they make mistakes to perfecting their mistakes takes  a lobour of love. Not to mention you will be required to carer for other children than are not your offprings. Making sure that you like children I woukd say is one of the most important qualities for  you to  start a in home daycare. Litle bubs are sweet and naughty and theyneed to be correctedwith love.

Checking out with your local governent legislations on starting a child care is also important as you start. This not only help you avoid law suits butalso bosts the confodencrof the parent who entrust you with their little ones.  No parent would want to leave their children in the hands of carers just for them to be glued on the Screens the whole day, therefore it is paramount for you to come up with plans and activities for the young bubs throughout their stay at your place.  This shows accountability and responsibility on the sides of parents and credibility on your side. In return, you will start getting more referrals and grow your business by word of mouth. Who doesn’t like that!

Here are a few activities you can do with the youngsters while at home with you:

  • Read books 
  • Play board games
  • learn the alphabets
  • learn manners words
  • Build legos
  • build blocks together
  • Have indoor picnics
  • Install outdoor trampolines and swings
  • Cook some cookies and let the kids play with the dough to make their favourite cookie shapes.
  • Do dance classes ETC.


12. Sell services on fiverr.

Fivver is a marketplace for freelancers to market their gigs. Let’s say for example.

Jane has a skill. This skill is being good at making logos for fun. Jane is good with digital designs. If Jane decides to monetize her skills she can use Fiverr by signing up and creating an account. She will then be prompted to fill out a form of what kind of logos she can make whether minimalist logos or customised logos. She will then set a price for her services. If anyone looking to have a logo made for their business comes across Janes Fiverr profile and they fall for her logo designs, they will contact Jane and place their first order. Jane in return will get paid for her work. 

And that is how you can use Fiverr to sell your skills to people who need them. 

13. Become a Fiverr Affiliate

An affiliate is someone who sells or promotes other people’s products for a percentage of it or commission. This has become one of the most common ways that people are making money. Of course, this method has been existing even before the Covid situation with big companies the likes of Amazon and Walmart. Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest methods to make money once you know how to go about it.

But how does Affiliate Marketing work? Let me give you an example below:

Company A has X numbers of products that they have been selling and they have been doing very good with consumers in the market. Then they decide to expand their market reach by adding people like you and me who are not part of their employees. Company A decides to create an Affiliate program to include you and me. Now for every single product that we sell for them, we will get a commission. That is our money to pocket. But how do we sell, you can create landing pages, you can use your social media audience and present the products online.

With fiver affiliates, you can promote their freelance services and earn up to USD 150 CPA.

14. Use Task Rabbit or Air Tasker.

Good at doing household chores carpentry, electrician writers, social media managers, transport, furniture assembling? These platforms can help you connect to your customers quickly.

15. Donate Plasma

Untitled design (67)

Now this one gives me chills to even write about,needles aee not my thing but I should  admit this is  a noble thing to do. To donate plasma you have to be 18 years of age and over, be more than 50KGs, in good body health and be ready to undergo physical examinations.

16. Create a Quora Page.

Have a topic that you can educate about? Then creating a Space on quora and monitizing it can be a good side hustle. 

17. Create A Facebook Page.

Create a Facebook page about a topic you can monitise your content .You can also also create paid events and people will purchase directly from your page. You can include a shop on your Facebook page and sell products and service., If you have a website, Facebook instant aricles are another way to monitise. You will require 10k subscribers to acess this featiure.

18. Become a video editor.

Good at video editing. You can offer video editing gigs to peole who want toproduce content and dontknowhow to do that or just dontbhave time for  video editing. You can create your gig account on Fiverr and list show off your video editing skills to get hired.

19. Create a YouTube Channel.

Everyone is good at something. And we all have a skill that someone else would love to learn let’s say for example you have long hair and you are good at naturing your hair it looks healthy either because you use the right products or there is how you maintain it, you could be good at cooking or maybe your house is tidy because of simple practices that may seem hard but are easy to follow. Why can’t you teach that skill you know on YouTube by creating a step by step Video Tutorial? You will have given value to someone and in return, you will get subscribers to support your channel Once you hit 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours and have adhered to Youtube monetization policies then you can monetize your channel and Youtube will pay you for every 1000 views in your channel.

But how do you achieve this?

  • Post at least  2times a week – post frequently.
  • Include eye catching thumbnails
  • follow youtube guidelines
  • include links
  • link your channel to  your other social media platforms
  • Include titles
  • utilize youtube shorts
  • use trending music
  • write descriptions
  • include relevant tags
  • choose the right categories when uploading your videos
  • be bold and ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and comment. This increases engagement.
  • Pin a  comment in the comment sections
  • be quick in leaving a like or heart to the people that comment,

20. Sell your artwork or pictures.

You can now sell your digital art on platforms such as Etsy, Creative Market and Red Bubble. Digital artwork includes digital planners, social media templates, printables such as calendars and posters. The list is long.

You can also sell your pictures on Shutter stock and Pixel if you are a photographer. Learning a few basic photoshop ideas can also add to your pictures being visible.

21. Rent out Extra Baby gears.

You have extra baby gear that you don’t use you can now rent to new moms on a tight budget on sites like Loop and BabyQuip.

22. Become a local tour guide.

If you know your area better and there are a few attractions that a visitor would love to see then being a local tour guide is something that can earn you a few bucks.

23. Become a group fitness trainer.

Your body is fit. You go to the gym and maybe not everyone can afford to pay a gym fee. Starting a group fitness training in your local area 

24. Offer Meal preparation services.

If you are good at cooking finger leaking tasty and good at presenting food in a way that is appealing to the eye then selling homecooked business could be a good idea. You can register your bisoness toRegister with your local government.

25. Offer window cleaning services.

The window cleaning business is another well-paying side hustle. To start this kind of business you need to look for the right registrations, find where to source your cleaning products and equipment then advertise your services to prospecting clients.

26. Become a freelance writer.

If you are good at writing and your grammar is good you can choose to good choice to become a freelance writer is one of many options to consider. There are companies out there looking to hire freelance writers and you could be one of them. You can choose to write on topics about finance, relationships, love parenting, gardening or even a topic of your choice really.

27. Offer graphic design services.

Graphic design is the art of designing and creating visual assets. For example animations, logos, banners etc. If you can draw you can become an artist, buts some of us are natural artists they can draw well. Now that same art can be turned into a graphic design and sold on marketplaces as creative Markets inform of digital art. But let’s say you are not good at the graphic design you can use software like Canva to design and create amazing templates. You can also learn basic graphic design software such as Adobe. But if you love creating amazing designs I recomend Canva because you dont require any design skills.

In Canva, you can design and make :

My favourite tool is the scheduling tool because I can create my designs and send them directly to, my preferred platforms without having to download them . Hence saving me space usage on my computer. I can also create in bulk and schedule my post for days. My aha moment is the automation involved. Now my productiontimehas been halfed as I don’t have to keep creating everyday and post. I do it ona Monday and My content for the week or month is ready. 


28. Teach computer services and applications.

Basic computer applications such as Ms Word, Powerpoint can be hard to grasp. Teaching these applications can earn you some extra bucks.

29. Become a tutor.

Students are in need of their school work every now and then with the increasing assignments. Helping out with afterschool tutoring can go a long way.

30. Offer proofreading services.

A proofreader performs reviews and final checks on written work.  You have to ensure that you are good ingrammer nd have an eye todetail such as correcting spellings, grammar, consistency, check for proper punctions, syntax and consistency among many. Most proofreader earn 

31. Write resumes and cover letters.

Use platforms such as Fiverr and canva to sell and design resumes and cover letters. With the rise of modern recruiters in the workplace. Having a resume and cover letter that is attractive to read and that stands out can easily put you in front of the recruiter’s eyes.

Resumes designed in canva. Design yours here.

32. Offer Doula services.

One of the best gifts a woman can have is during the birth of their babies. You can choose to offer support services to women as they give birth and help them navigate the process easier with their partners. 

Some of the services a Doula offers include:

  • Offer support as needed throughout pregnancy.
  • Labour support at homeor hospital as required.
  • Continuous support once labour has began and up to an an hour after birth e.t.c


33. Sell items you don't need on Gumtree.

Selling secondhand items from your house such as furniture, mattresses, baby clothes etc on Gumtree for cash or swaps.

34. Offer Carpet cleaning services.

Starting a carpet cleaning business is a good side hustle. All you will need to start is to register your business, buy.] equipment and cleaning detergent. You can decide to start your carpet-cleaning business from scratch or join a franchise. 

35. Clothing Alteration services.

Are you good with tailoring , you can use this services to alter clothing.

36. Catering services.

If your friends like when you cook food then you can use start requesting your friendsto te;ll their friends of friends that you can cook for their parties and events.

37. Aquarium cleaning services.

You can start by finding the right equipment and chemicals for cleaning aquariums, get the right certification and then use word of mouth or paid advertisement to market your services.

38. Pool cleaning services.

Find the products, machines and certifications to start offering your services. Compare prices with other pool cleaners to price your services. Then find ways to market your services to your clients.

39. Medical Transcription services.

Are you good at typing, are a nurse or in the health industry? This could be a good business idea. You have to have good grammar and a good understanding of medical terminology. 


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40. Personal Stylist services.

41. Mobile laundry services.

42. House sitting.

43. Home inspection services.

44. Baby sitting.

45. Offer customer support services.

46. Become a consultant.

47. Do Craiglist gigs

48. Computer repair services.

49. Interpretation or translation services.

50. Marketing Agency.

51. Snuggle services.

52. Interior decoration.

53. Wedding planner/ Niche event coordinator.

54. Pet sitting.

55. Personal Chef Services.

56. Teach Yoga.

57.App Developer.

58. Art on Iphone cases and other phone cases.

59. Teach people how to use their gadgets.

60.Sell on Ebay.

61. Sell online courses on udemy.

62. Become an Amazon Mechanical Turk.

62. Life skills services.

63. Write curriculum and lesson plans

64. Sell your designs.

65. Sell your knowledge on membership sites.

66. Sell local city guides.

67. Sell Jewellery at Local farmers Market.

68.Combine a hustle with your day Job.

69. Join Medium Partner Program.

70. Build a niche website.

71.Join Focus groups.

72. Create your own show.

73. Sponsor yourself.

74. Podcast sposnsorships.

75. Start a podcast.

75. YouTube Advertising.

76. Sponsored Instagram Posts.

77. Affiliate Marketing.

78. Blogging.

79. Subscription book services.

80. Sell Merchandise with Amazon.

81. Sell on your own Ecommerce store.

82. Sell your own book.

83. Wood Burning (PYROGRAPHY).

This is the technique of burning wood to create designs on them. Please be aware that this can be a slow process for beginners. If  you make mistakes you can use those mistakes to add character to your design. 

84. Make and sell furniture.

Have you done carpentry, you can make furniture and sell on handmade shops such as Etsy.

85. Sell online health products.

You can dietary supplements, herbal remedies , vitamins, minerals, soluble fibers online. The benefits of these is that its easy to store, pack and ship.

86. Dropshipping.

Drop shipping is an order fulfillment method where you place an order from a site and its fulfilled in another third party site who is the responsible for processing the order and shipping  to the customers. This means you do not have to keep the product or inventory. For example Printful.

To start a dropshipping business you will need:

  • Choose a product or products to sell.
  • Do a market research on the product.
  • Choose a dropshipping supplier like Printful
  • Build your ecommerce store
  • Create a business structure
  • Start promoting your products to prospective buyers.


87. Sell Travel guides to foreign countries.

Have you visited many foreign countries. You can write about 10 to do list and your experiences in this countries for travelers to visit and sell them on Amazon.

88. Sell old books online.

Sell your rare books online on popular sites such as AbeBooks.com.

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