9 Strategies How To Make Social Media Your Money Making Tool.

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Yes, YOU heard me right. I have been there before. I did not know there were other ways to use social media platforms other than posting pictures and updating about my statuses in life. But then I discovered that social media wasn’t just about pictures but I could use it to make money online. So I decided to come up with a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goals to achieve this.

The following are easy steps YOU can use to your advantage.

  1. Choose a topic.

Research on a particular topic you are interested in and one that you are sure you have a know how of. Write content about that particular item or product. If you don’t t have any content ideas, you can generate topic ideas from Portent. This is a website that will help you generate a topic idea that you can write about by putting in particular keywords of your particular topic. Your content can range from videos, articles, blog posts, images or ads. Focusing on one particular topic or product will save you from burn out.

2. Choose a platform.

This is where you will post the content that you have written, or created. The platforms to choose from can be either YouTube, Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn you name it.

3. Identify your audience.

To avoid wasting time biting about the bush, identify the group of audiences you will be targeting your contents to. This will increase your conversion rate as you will be talking to people who are already interested in the topic, content or product you are giving or selling to them.

4.Tell a story.

A great storyteller will always have an audience because people love stories. A story is a very powerful tool to use. It is contagious. Its like being thirsty and water isn’t quenching you enough. Storytelling forges connections among your audience. No wonder science indicates that our brains become more engaged when we hear or tell a story. Don’t t wait for more blog posts, it all starts with you.

5. Engage.

Once you have posted your content on your preferred social media platform be sure to check your post comment section. Give feedback to your audience by replying to their question and comments. This way they will feel a sense of belonging and they will keep coming back for more.

6. Be the go-to resource for your audience.

Share industry news and helpful information about your niche. Keep up with the trend and continue to share relevant information.

7. Call to Action.

The main reason to posting your content is to achieve a particular action. Remember to be straightforward and ask them to take an action. It can be asking them to like, comment, subscribe, share, watch or download your content.

8. Quality Content.

Try as much to have a good content to ensure you keep bringing back your audience to get content. This includes creating catchy titles that will make your readers want to check out your post.

9. Introduce Color in your post.

The reason we notice the rainbow on a dull boring rainy day is because of its seven beautiful color that put us in a state of awe. Introduce color by including colorful posts to catch the eye and spark excitement to your readers. I would recommend Canva.com its free to used and you can create different designs for your different social media platforms.

It’s now your turn to put the above in practice. Good luck!! You can do it!!

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