How to create a responsive landing page for beginners.

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Am sure at some point while online, you might have come across a form with a button that asked you to put your name and email address with a button with words such as signup, download or buy. Now this was a landing page. A landing page is a single webform with a call to action.

Unlike a website which gives you the options to navigate through the website with many options a landing page limits the options available to the visitor to help them navigate the intended option.

Landing pages are also refered to as sqeeze pages, lead capture pages, destination pages, static page or single property page. Below is an image example how a landing page looks like.

Who needs a landing page?

Good question 🙂 If you have an online presence – own a blog, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc . To get leads, to drive traffic to your website, so sell products and also to give free gifts. Anywhere you have subscribers and followers landing pages can come in handy when used for the right purposes. Small businesses and online marketers use landing pages to create ads.

landing page template examples. source: GetResponse.

Landing pages can be used to achieve different goals. For example:

  • Build an email list
  • Sending newsletters
  • For gifting free download
  • redirecting yopur landing page visitors to your other pages e.,g website
  • Making sales directly through
  • promoting your webinars or events
  • Updating your subcribers everytime you have a new update.
  • For mass emailing
  • the options are limitless.

Depending with which email marketing software you choose the options for building a landing page will differ therefore its recommendend as a newbie to be on the lookout for software with

  • landing page templates to choose from like the one showed above.
  • landing page bilder from scratch to build a customised landig page for example GetResponse, Aweber, Mailchimp
  • offers responsive landing pages

Goal-oriented email templates

The following are amazing landing page best practice:

  • Make your landing page simple
  • Color choice to match what you are promoting
  • Write your headlines with huge words or letters
  • Minimize on your images
  • Make your call to actions clear
  • Avoid adding many navigation menus – might confuse your page visitor . Be clear and concise what action you want your visitors to take.
  • Avoid asking your landing page visitors too much personal information. Name and email should be good to go.
  • Test your landing page before you publish. Use chrome incognito browser to paste your landing page link to see how it works.

Now let’s create a landing page example using Getresponse with these 10 steps.

Step 1

Sign in to your Getresponse account.

Dont have an account yet? No problem. Create one for free here. You will be taken to a new page like the one below.

Step 2

From your account dashboard navigate your mouse to the top left side corner and click on the small nine dots representing the menu.

A menu option will appear. Hover your mouse to the right side of the menu under the growth tools, select option number two- Landing pages and click on it.

Step 3

A new page will open. Hover your mouse to the blue button and select create landing page.This opens another page where you choose to create a landing page from scratch or brows the customised landing page templates.

Step 4

Choose to build a landing page from scratch or browse the customised landing page templates provide.

Step 5

Choose from the two option how you would love to build your landing page. Hover on the template and a select template will appear then click on the button.

Step 6

Once you’ve selected your landing page, now its time to give the landinhg page a name. This isinternalamnd onlyyou can see the name. This name is to ensure you can identify all your landing pages. On this section you can review your landing page and thankyou page. Once you are satisfied that it will fit your goal then proceed to the next step.

Step 7

Now its time to edit your landing page and thankyou page with the drag and drop editor in GetResponse making sure to utilise landing page best practices mentioned above.

Step 8

Once you have edited your landing page and previewed it, save it and proceed to the next step.Here you will set up your landing page settings.Once done click publish.

Step 9

Once published. Your landing page is live and you can share it.

Step 10

To know if your landing page is working, open a new incognito tab paste your link and test it with your email . And you are all set and done! Now its time to look for ways to promote and share your landing page.

Thanks for reading my blog post.Was this article helpful? Leave a comment. Practise building landing pages today here. In no time you will be just as good as anyone else. Good luck!!!

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